Driving theory test

Begin your preparation right here! Practise with our theory test 2018 online and increase your chances to pass the official theory test from 1st attempt! The official driving theory test contains two parts: multiple-choice questions and hazard perception test. All multiple choice questions are based on the UK Highway Code.

Driving Theory test practice

Remember to practise driving theory test before you go to the official DSA test. The actual test contains 50 questions, and you will need to answer 43 of them correctly to pass.

FREE theory test

This free theory test contains 50 multiple choice questions. Questions are from the category: Car maintenance and safety.
This theory test contains multiple choice questions about penalties and documents.
This free theory test contains 50 multiple choice questions about incidents and weather conditions. Questions are based on the official Highway code manual.
Our second theory test online contains 50 questions about general rules. Practise this test and pass the actual DVSA theory test easily!
Practise this theory test and increase your chances to pass the official theory test. This test contains 45 multiple choice questions about motorways, speed limits and vulnerable users.
Practise warning road signs. This road signs test includes 20 multiple choice questions related to warning signs. Questions are randomized based on over 100 different warning signs.
Practise information road signs. This road signs test includes 20 multiple choice questions about information signs. Questions are randomized from over 30 different information signs.
Practise motorway road signs. This road signs test includes 20 multiple choice questions about motorway road signs. Questions are randomized from over 30 information signs.
This free theory test is based on the actual DSA manual. Pass mark is 43/50 questions.
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Theory test app

Our theory test practice is optimized for mobile devices for your convenience. 

How to pass theory test from 1st attempt?

Did you know that only 21% of driving tests result in a first time pass? And that on average every second person who takes theory test - fails? Around half of learner drivers have to retake theory test after failing their first attempt. If you don't want to lose time and money, practise on this site as much as possible before going to your official theory test! This site is created for you to master your skills. Remember to practise also for the hazard perception part!

What to bring to the driving theory test?

At the driving theory test you need to show your both parts of your valid driving licence. The photocard and the paper counterpart. If you have an old-style driving licence without a photo you must also bring a valid passport. Remember that if you don't show the required documents you won't be allowed to take the test and you'll lose your fee.

At the theory test 

After you have been registered at the test center reception, you will go in to the test room. You are not allowed to take anything into the room with you; all personal items should be stored in the lockers.
Once you are in the test room you may not talk to or distract other people. 

Preparing for the UK driving theory test 2018

To prepare for the driving licence theory test you should study Highway code, traffic signs and practice here using the video tests. You should make full use of the drivinglicencetests.co.uk website study material to prepare for the multiple choice and hazard perception elements of the theory test. 

Theory test practice 2018

This website offers online samples of theory tests 2018 for learner drivers.  You may use them to practise as much as you want.

Theory test booking

You can book your official DSA driving theory test online after you have practised enough using our free theory test practices. You can easily book theory test with the official booking service at gov.uk website. Be careful when booking your theory test as there are plenty of unofficial websites which claim to provide booking services, but can merely cheat you or charge you more than it really costs.
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